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Autism is not visual to the eye as there are no obvious visual effects. Autism is a lifelong condition which affects the way in which people make sense of the world around them, with the world appearing chaotic with no clear boundaries or meaning which can cause anxieties within the person.

People with autism also have difficulty with communicating and relating to others unable to recognise people’s reactions and feelings as well as not being able to understand the unwritten social rules which most of us pick up on readily.
Autism can affect 1 in 100 people which can affect people from all nationalities and backgrounds although it appears to affect males more than females. Autism is often referred to as a ‘spectrum disorder’, (ASD) which means that the characteristics of autism presents in people in a variety of ways ranging from extremely mild to quite severe, however there are 5 areas of difficulties that people with autism share:

People with autism are able to live a relatively independent life while others may need more specialist support throughout their life. It is a myth that all people with autism act the same; each person is very different with requiring different levels of support.