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Community Psychology


Community Psychology

Reach Psychology Team currently consists of 5 skilled Assistant Psychologists, a number of enthusiastic psychology volunteers and a supervising Clinical Psychologist. Our services are spread throughout the organisation including Mental Health, Homeless, LD, DV, Chinese, and Young People services.

What is an Assistant Psychologist?

Assistant Psychologists carry out specific types of psychological assessment and intervention under the supervision of a fully qualified Clinical, Counseling or Health Psychologist.

What do Assistant Psychologists do?

Referrals to Psychology

Customer Responsibility

Psychological services are aimed at facilitating the customer’s desired change goals. However, to remain effective, psychologists must position the customer as responsible for their own change process. This responsibility includes making and keeping appointments. Accessing psychology services should therefore be driven by the customer. This ensures motivation levels are high and that customers will ultimately reach their desired goals. We therefore recommend that customers be supported in making contact with us themselves – even when they have been referred by a member of staff.

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