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In 2009-10, 5,004 households presented to the local authority for assistance under homeless legislation and 2010-11 has seen a sharp increase with numbers rising to 8,323 households. With the exception of London, these figures represent the second highest incidence of homelessness in England.

At Reach the People Charity, our specialist Homeless Service helps people break the cycle of homelessness by achieving independence and safeguarding themselves from future risk.

Reach support homeless people and those threaten by homelessness to access
emergency and permanent accommodation and our floating support services.

Specialist Mental Health Support

In addition to resolving people’s housing needs, we support our customers to accomplish their aspirations and goals, tackling issues such as health and well-being, participation in the community and achieving economic independence.

If you are homeless or at risk of being homeless and would like to access our services please contact the Reach Single Point of Access.

Reach Single Point of Access,
12 Fairlie House,
Trident Close, Erdington
B23 5TB.

Tel: 0121 633 2194

Fax: 0121 382 4873