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Mentally Ill Health


Mental Ill Health

We provide Mental Health Services to over 140 people across Birmingham, Sandwell and Shropshire through a range of service delivery.

We have domiciliary care and support in Birmingham, providing personal and social care to customers in their homes. In Sandwell we provide housing-related support to 28 individuals in self-contained accommodation across three sites.

We have a Community Development Worker to help support members of the Chinese community with mental ill health.

Oak Paddock is a crisis house in Shropshire, providing short-term intensive support for individuals experiencing psychological or emotional distress. We also operate a specialist recovery house in Shropshire, providing six self-contained flats for individuals recovering from mental ill health.

Across Shropshire we provide community mental health support to approximately 70 individuals in their own homes.

Case Study

KP is a 46-year-old Indian lady who has had a troubled life with family problems and alcohol dependency.

Her family tried to force her to marry in India but failed due to a forced marriage court order. She suffered depression after the death of her boyfriend and moved into supported housing.

With the support of Reach staff and her sister, who is her appointee, she has made amazing progress.

KP isn’t drinking much, is in control of her medication, manages her finances and keeps on top of household chores. We are very proud of the remarkable steps she is taking. She is very happy now and is looking forward to a family visit to India in October.