For immediate help 0800 088 4194

Tenancy Support


Tenancy Support

If you require any support around sustaining your tenancy with Reach The People Charity please contact us on 0121 633 2194 or email: , we are here to help you.

Reach the People Charity working partnership with The Trident Housing Group to provide housing services for our customers.

Reach Single Point of Access for Support and Accommodation services

The RSPA (Reach Single Point of Access) is the Charity’s single point of contact for assessment and referral service for anyone over the age of 16 who may require any of Charity’s services ranging from accommodation to support services.

Reach the People Charity services provide services and assessments 365 days a year.

RSPA can offer you a range of holistic services

How does it work?

Anyone can access our services using the following methods:

The Process

  1. Once you contact the RSPA we will complete an enquiry form with you
  2. Contact you to meet with you personally to complete a comprehensive needs assessment to ensure the right services are offered to you.
  3. If you require any of our services you will either be placed onto a waiting list or instantly be provided with the service you require

How much does it cost?

The majority of our services are funded by Supporting People programme and is free to access. There are certain services like accommodation/handyman whereby charges may need to be paid (if not covered by housing benefit).

Contact us to find out more.