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Outreach programme

Children and Young Adult's Domestic Abuse Outreach Support Service

The Children and Younger Adults Support Service provides Outreach sessions, supporting children and young people impacted by Domestic Abuse. This is provided to those living in the community and also to those who live in Refuge accommodation.

The service is:

The main outcome of the service is to ensure that victims of domestic abuse are able to access support and feel safer as result. We also aim to reduce the impact of domestic abuse experiences on the child or young person

The outcomes that we work towards with our interventions are:

The child or young person is at the focus of the support. Throughout the support we also engage the family, child or young person in community services so that once support from our service has come to an end the family are still receiving support if needed.

We accept self, parent or agency referrals and these can be referred via email, post or through calling our Access line number: 0800 0884 194.