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Lemon Grove Success Stories


Lemon Grove Success Story

We have had a number of successes over the time that we have been running the service, some of which I will highlight.

We were also fortunate enough to work with people express on a 12 month project which aimed to increase skills of the customers, allow them to realise hidden talents and their own potential and create a piece of art which would benefit members of the public. All this culminated in the ‘HOPE’ exhibition which was to help open people’s eyes to domestic abuse. This was then displayed at Sharpe’s pottery over a number of weeks and was extended due to its popularity. The women helped create a short film, created a bench which is situated at Lemon grove to show the work done by ex customers, made worry dolls and poster boards. This was a very successful project for all involved.

One of our now ex customers was awarded volunteer of the year and most inspirational volunteer at our first customer conference this year, which was a huge achievement for both the service and our customer.

Many of our customers who have now moved on from the refuge, who have been supported by our floating support worker have moved on to gain employment opportunities which has further built their confidence and self esteem and self worth and again reinforced how much they can achieve with some support.
We also hold a number of activities and events and trips for the customers to enhance their quality of lives and allow them to experience new things and adventures that they would not have been able to do previously due to the domestic abuse. Some memorable occasions have been our recent jubilee party, trip to sea life centre, trip to Twycross Zoo and a party at little rascals day centre for Christmas.

And finally with the opening of the charity shop we have been able to provide a large number of volunteer opportunities for our current customers and ex customers in both refuge and floating support services and have a number of customers currently volunteering. Here they will be able to gain experience and learn new skills which will assist them once successfully moved on when looking for employment.